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Sweden Pics 2007

Here’s another slideshow treat for you. The photo set shows pictures taken during my wonderful trip to Sweden early this year.As I had already mentioned in previous posts, I have really nice Filipino and Swedish Christian friends in Sweden (a Filipino cell group there regularly sends me “goodwill boxes.”) They are all blessings from the Lord. I always feel welcome in their church and in their homes.

I’m currently waiting for feedback from the Swedish Embassy in Kiev regarding the approval of my recent application for a one-year, mutliple-entry Swedish visa since this will be helpful in my application for a year-long, multiple-entry Ukrainian visa (my temporary Ukrainian residence permit will expire on Dec. 1, so I need to get out of Ukraine before that date).

This time around, my Swedish friends, Boas and Mirjam Adolphi, were the ones who attended to the paperwork (official invitation letter), as part of my Swedish visa application requirements. God bless their hearts!

Please pray that things will go smoothly. Thanks.

P.S. I look forward to this trip to Sweden since I really need some quality R&R to recharge batteries after a season of busyness. I feel I will be more effective in ministry work that way. However, I lift it up to God, and let him do His mighty works on this one. May His perfect will be done.

OCT. 23 UPDATE: I just got a call from the Swedish Embassy, and the consul told me to go to their office to get my Swedish visa. I was so happy.  I’m ever so grateful to God for working on this one.


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Paramount of Life

“The investment of life is the most momentous of all human decisions.”

The investment of influence gave me a larger vision, that it is not a light thing to live out a whole human life and to live it in such away as to bring large returns. The paramount question that towers above every other, at whatever point we may have reached, is: “How can I now invest the rest of my life so it will bring the largest return?”

Source: Dawn on the Hills of Tang

I think and believe that the most important decision that we have to make is how to live our lives in a way that it will bring much positive returns afterwards.

Everyday is a road that we take towards the end of our lives, and we should think and live everyday with a purpose or goal in mind.

May that purpose or goal, whether be small or big, be positive. Small goals are the steps towards bigger ones. Our choices today is our future. They affect not only our future, but also the people around us.

So for all the choices we make today, we must bear in mind that we will reap the consequences of those daily decisions in the future.

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