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The Season of Life



Everyone loves this season — the season of new beginnings for many. Flowers are abloom for us to behold. Some people are busy with their gardening, while others are deep into their spring cleaning, beginning with their dirty glass windows!

There is a new atmosphere during spring time. People start to smile more often, acknowledging each other on the streets and other public places. There is a wonderful feeling of lightness that can be quite contagious. One can’t help but respond to this jolly feeling. The atmosphere, that of life, is great!

Seeing the flowers blooming in the gardens all around me makes me happy. The scent that comes from these flowers trigger some memories to me and others. It’s always a pleasant sight to see the different colors of the flowers that give life to the surroundings.

I always wonder about spring’s contribution and its effect on living things (including human beings). The response it brings out to each creation of God is just amazing. They are transformed immensely! Have you ever stopped and observed your surroundings  during spring time? If you haven’t, I invite you to do so! You will discover so many things that you haven’t seen before. Take time to look around you, and enjoy the transformation that spring brings to every living thing.

This spring, I will do exactly what I have just recommended you to do and, yes, to clean my glass windows (so I can enjoy seeing those beautiful trees and flowers viewable from my kitchen window). I will also sort out my clothes — “good-bye” to winter clothes and boots for now and “hello” to light clothing and summer footwear.

I’m happy that my birthday falls on springtime. My birthday always starts with new plans, new visions. It’s another year to look forward to with so much excitement. I can’t wait to see and experience what God has in store for me this year. 

I believe spring encourages all of us to embark on fresh starts — to start mapping out that new plan or do that new project. Ah, there’s so much to say about spring. I can just go on and on. But I will now let you do your own ‘springtime reflections.’ Maybe you can share your thoughts with me/us here later on. Or maybe you can even blog about it and let me know your thoughts. 🙂

Meanwhile, enjoy the spring season! I’m sure you will.


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Today is my birthday. 🙂


Here is a group picture taken during my birthday celebration in the Philippines in 2004. My church family from the Lighthouse Christian Community, spearheaded by the Quinleys, made my then 36th birthday extra special:


You can view the Flickr slideshow of my 2004 birthday celebration here.


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