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Right now, Wade and I are building our marriage foundation and enjoying each other as we do. We are praying and waiting for God to lead us to where He wants us to go and work with His people. Wade and I both know that we needed this time of building, waiting and praying before we get into the mission field.

This is my time of rest, refreshing, and adjusting to the new life that I have with Wade. I have many things to adjust to and I know that it will take some time. I am taking my time as I go through adjustment and enjoying it in the process. Wade is very supportive and understanding about it and I thank God for him on that.

As we are building our marriage, praying and waiting, we are helping in the church here in WV. We were asked to be in-charge of the Missions in our church (Boothsville Methodist Church). The Pastor (Michael Richards) asked us to be on the Missions Board, and we agreed while we are here in the US.

Being in-charge of the Missions, we started to invite everyone that is involved in any form of outreach to join us in the missions department. We then started a prayer group that will be praying for the Pastor and the ministries of the church, especially God’s leading.

We also starting a discipleship group for those that are willing and wanted to do any outreach ministry. The plan is to have a local missions conference this year, and to have a national missions conference next year. These program is help people focus and makes them aware of going or doing missions locally or internationally. Basically to mobilized them to get involved in outreach and missions work.

A couple of the outreaches that the church is been doing for years is the Potato/Banana drop and feeding lunch to the college students at Fairmont University, in which the church is working together with the Wesleyan Foundation Center. There’s much potential in these ministries and we are thinking of ways on how to use these outreaches effectively to share Christ truth and love.

Please pray with us as we work alongside with the Pastor here, and mobilize the people to get involve in missions. Pastor Mike’s heart and vision is about mission and we pray that we can be of help to him at this time as we wait on God.

God bless!


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The year 2008 is been an eventful year for me!

First, during and after the Summer Kids Camp, me and two of the leaders in our church in Donetsk, Ukraine(a Ukrainian couple)was working on our US visa application, to attend a three months Community Development Training/Practicum at SIFAT in Alabama, USA. God was blessed us with partial sponsorships with the training (which I believe I have already posted earlier).

During the course of study in SIFAT (Servants in Faith and Technology), I met students from different countries (students from five Continents). There was sixteen students in our class. There are American students as well that are taking the course, these students have a heart for missions and wanted to be equipped to do missions to the third world countries. Some of them have been doing short-term missions already. And one of the American students is, Wade Robinson, he’s been doing missions to different countries (South America, Africa and Russia).

Wade and I got know each other very well during the training at SIFAT. We both have the heart for missions and passion to reach out to the people that doesn’t know Christ. We spent much time talking during our breaks from our class and after classes. We became very good friends, and later on that friendship bloomed into a relationship as we continue spending time with each other during the training/practicum.

We both decided to pray and fast about how we feel towards each other. We want to know that this is from God, and that we are not only attracted physically because of spending much time together. We are aware that after the training/practicum, I will go back to Ukraine with my two Ukrainian friends and will continue my works in Ukraine where I am working with a church as missionary.

Before the end of our training/practicum, and before I went back to Ukraine, Wade and I got into a relationship. We asked the whole class to pray with us as we seek His guidance wisdom and leading with our new found relationship. I introduced Wade to my Spiritual parents and friends that are in the US after our graduation at SIFAT. He then introduced me to his family and friends before I left for Ukraine that year (2008).

I went back to Ukraine after Christmas of 2008, and we continue to talk and communicate with each other regularly through email and Skype, thank God for technology! Early January of 2009 when we both felt sure and decided to get engaged. We both knew and agreed that God ordained everything for the two of us to meet in Alabama after much prayer and fasting.

Wade did mission work in Africa before he went to SIFAT and planning to go back to Africa after. And I was in Ukraine doing mission and planned to go back to Ukraine and continue doing my mission works there. And in God’s sovereignty, Wade and I ended up at SIFAT in Alabama in 2008 where we met. God is amazing and sovereign, He will make things happen in His own perfect time!:)

God bless you all!

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Last August of 2009 after Wade and I got the approval of the US Immigration of our application for Fiancee visa, I started packing the rest of my belongings (books, clothes, etc.)in my flat. I have posted several boxes of my books to the US ahead of time. I was just packing my chosen clothes. The rest of my belongings (furniture, kitchen wares, appliances, etc.) in my flat I sorted out and given to the families in our church in Donetsk. The rest of my belongings (board games, clothes, etc.) I gave to the youth and other people that needed them.

September of 2009 I’ve got my visa and spent most of my remaining days and time visiting my church family in Donetsk. Most of them came and dropped by at my flat while I was packing and sorting out my belongings. It was a bitter-sweet time for me as I packed and said good bye to everyone. I know that I can always come and visit my family in Ukraine, but I will miss my time with them everyday. Knowing that I will not see them often and will not get to spend time with them for a while.

God’s Gift Church people is the family that God gave me when I went and lived in Ukraine for seven years. And they are always be a part of me, they will always have a soft spot in my heart. They are always be a family to me wherever I go. One of the many blessings that God blessed us with is new family in Christ wherever He sends us to do His work.

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I know that its almost a year since i have last updated this web blog, and I do apologize for the delay. My life was been a whirlwind since late of 2008. I will try to update and blog everything that has happened since I last visited this web blog. So please be patient with me as I try to get everything and everyone updated. Thank you!

As you all know, we had our yearly Summer Kids Camp in Donetsk, Ukraine and I want to update all of you about it.

We had 150 campers last year (2009), and the locals who prepared, organized, and worked in the camp did a great job once again. Kudos to them!

But as much as we were happy that there were lots of children who came (regular campers and new ones), we were also sad that we had to say NO to the other children who came to join the camp. We turned them down because of our tight budget. Our working budget only allowed 150 participants. To allow more than 150 kids to join the camp meant some of them would not have meals and gifts (small gifts), which we give to all the campers at the end of the camp. We didn’t want that to happen. As much as we wanted to accommodate everyone, we had no recourse but to say “No” for this reason.

The kids enjoyed the camp, as always. They enjoyed the games, sports, bible stories, crafts/arts, the gifts and most of all, they enjoyed the time that they had with professional football player Sonny Kingsley, who came and played with them in the camp. It’s always a treat to have Sonny Kingsley with us. And we thank you, Sonny, for giving your time and financial help to these children. They were so happy to play with you! It was fun.

God provided us the funds and people to make the camp a reality. One of the volunteers last year was Lisa Chmelarova. She is from the Czech Republic. She stumbled upon my website (saritaladios.wordpress.com), and through e-mail we get to know each other. She volunteered to help out in the camp of which we were all happy about. Lisa is a graduate student (International Law) who wanted to practice her Russian language. Joining the camp as a volunteer made it possible for her to do so. It worked well both ways: she helped us in the Kids Camp, and we were able to help her practice the Russian language through exposure with Russian-speaking people. Thank you again, Lisa!

God willing, my husband Wade and I will fly to Ukraine this Summer to help out in the camp. We plan to bring some school supplies and other stuff that could be of use.

If you are interested to support the Summer Kids Camp project in Donetsk, please feel free to email at: sladios@gmail.com. Alternatively, you can leave a message in the comments box below.

God bless!

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SIFAT (Servant in Faith and Technology) is one great opportunity and experience that I had had in the US.

God gave me an opportunity to live among His children from five different continents! It was amazing to realize how we SIFAT participants come from different cultures and backgrounds, yet we share the common love and passion for Christ.

All of us got to taste a ‘bit of heaven’ while we lived in the campus and attended our classes everyday, from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Living and teaming up with other believers from other countries is amazingly exciting and humbling. We all learned from each other and accepted our differences, letting the love of Jesus be manifested in our lives everyday.

One of the things that I will never forget and will always remind me of this ‘taste of heaven’ is when we, as a class, sang “God is So Good” in 13 languages. It was awesome! It was like God was allowing us to experience heaven on earth. That wonderful worship experience made me realize anew that no matter what language we speak, we sing praises to one God!

I will always remember my class in SIFAT. My classmates became my instant family during the practicum and training. God just binded us together with His amazing love.

On this note, I would like to thank you all for partnering and supporting to have this SIFAT training/practicum. Your prayers and financial help allowed me to experience unique Christian moments while on training in the US, and yes, equipped me to do more as I continue to reach out and minister to others by sharing the love of Christ in practical ways.

Indeed, there are so many needs everywhere. Having said this, I know that we cannot do everything. We can only do as much, and let God multiply it and do it effectively. I believe that even the smallest things that we do for God will impact the lives of people around us — just like the ripple effect.

There is an interesting meaning or explanation for the word “ripple” (capillary wave) from Wikipedia. As I was thinking about this word and how significant it can be, I made some research and found this out:

A capillary wave is a wave travelling along the interface between two fluids, whose dynamics are dominated by the effects of surface tension. Capillary waves are common in nature and home, and are often referred to as ripple. The wavelength of capillary waves is typically less than a few centimeters.

A gravity–capillary wave on a fluid interface is influenced by both the effects of surface tension and gravity, as well as by the fluid inertia.

You can read a related pre-SIFAT story here.

(Note: To view my US Trip slideshow on Flickr, click here.)

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I always think that things happen for a reason, and that God ordains things to happen for His purpose. I’ve seen many circumstances in my Christian life how God worked and used anything and everything to make His plans come to pass.

Last August, God once again did what He is good in doing — create circumstances (or we may think it’s a coincidence, but we know that with God, there’s no such thing as a coincidence).

Here on my blogsite, I get to connect with like-minded Christians, people I know personally and people I just get to meet online. Receiving comments from them makes my day. I always make it a point to respond right away.

One day, I checked my weblog and saw a message from a US-based Christian organization called MEANS in one of my comments boxes (that was about the time my site just transferred from the free WordPress platform to this hosted one). The commenter asked me to e-mail her as she was interested to know more about my work here in Ukraine. She happened to be surfing the Net that day, and stumbled upon my blogsite.

And so, I e-mailed MEANS and thanked them for reading my blog. I asked them what they wanted to know about my missions work here in Ukraine. We exchanged mails, and at some point, Pastor Chuck Quinley vouched for me and the work being done here.

Now, I’m in partnership with the organization. God is using MEANS to channel His blessings to me and my work here. Through this organization, I’ve “met” prayer partners and financial supporters.

MEANS supports missionaries by mobilizing individuals and groups to act and support its partner missionaries. It publishes and circulates monthly newsletters featuring stories of missionaries; stories that often touch the readers’ heart.

I got featured in their monthly newsletter last January (the MEANS staff based the story on this October 2005 article featured on this blog). As a result, I received a lot of reader feedback, which truly amazed me in more ways than one. Truly, God uses His resources and His people to further the Great Commission in countries like Ukraine. The involvement of these ordinary people blesses my heart no end.

Indeed, God can and will use anything and everything to fulfill His plans to make the Good News known to the lost. We just have to step in faith and go through doors He has opened for us to fulfill our calling. I’m so blessed MEANS has chosen me to partner with them. I know and believe that God puts His people together to be able to do the things that He wants us to do.

God never calls us to do something for Him without giving us what we need. All of us has something that we can use to obey God, and whatever or whenever we need something to continue the works, be assured that God knows that even before we know we would be needing it. He always provides for our needs. We only need to obey.

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Every year, we organize the Summer Kids Camp in Donetsk where Ukrainian kids can have fun and learn more about Jesus in a loving camp environment.

I’ve been busy these past few weeks brainstorming with the church’s core members regarding the lineup of camp activities while raising the much-needed funds (we need a total of USD2,000) to make the summer camp a fun reality for many kids. Just like in past years, the camp will be held in the first two weeks of August. (Pray with and for us on this one, thanks!)

We do this Summer Kids Camp for free. Meaning, parents of the participating children don’t need to pay for anything. It’s always our desire to bless Ukrainian kids with an enjoyable summer camp experience without them having to worry if they have the financial means to be part of it or not.

It’s heart-warming to know that we’ve been doing this Summer Kids Camp for four years now. God has been faithful in meeting our needs — both spiritual and financial. Truly, we cannot accomplish anything without His help.

In the past, the children we ministered to through the camp, eventually attended the church’s Sunday School. Many of them received Jesus Christ as their personal Savior during the camp.

The USD2,000 we’re currently raising will cover the following:

1. Food (for 150 kids – we will serve them lunch everyday)

2. Arts and crafts/teaching materials

3. Drinking water (we buy bottled water for all the kids and summer camp volunteers)

4. Rent (we will pay for the rental of several rooms in a public school for the various camp activities)

5. Electricity/water (we will also pay for the electricity as well as for the water supply)

6. Small gifts for the kids (to be distributed at the end of the camp)

7. Snacks and drinks for volunteer workers

8. Summer camp t-shirts for all the volunteers (we will wear a uniform so that it will be easy for the kids to recognize the workers in the kids camp)

9. New balls for sports activities like volleyball and football (we really need to get new ones; the old balls we have are already worn out due to overuse)

10. Service fee for the cleaning staff who will be tasked to clean the school everyday during the kids camp 
I’d like to thank those who’ve already sent us their financial support. Your sacrificial giving is much appreciated!

For more information on the Summer Kids Camp, please don’t hesitate to e-mail me at sladios AT hotmail.com.

And since many people ask how they can help support the ministry here, here’s a section that lists the different ways you can extend your assistance to the church family here. Thanks and God bless! 🙂

POSTSCRIPT: To view my Flickr photos on past Summer Kids Camps organized by God’s Gift Church in Donetsk, you can click here (2004), here (2005), and here (2006). 

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