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I’ve managed to upload some of my holiday photos (Germany and Sweden) on my Flickr Pro site, despite being sick. Praise the Lord for giving me the will power to do so. 🙂 My home church in the Philippines needed some photos to go with my recent field reports for the missions festival slated in April. 

To view my Sweden 2007 photo set, click here.

To view my Germany 2007 photo set, click here.

Happy viewing, everyone. Have a blessed week! 


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I’m back in Donetsk, after more than a month of being away. I arrived from Stockholm just last night. (By the way, that’s Ate Judith in the photo on the right. She was a gracious host who took care of all my needs when I was in Stockhokm. Miss you, Ate!)

I’m sick at the moment (fever and bad cough). Please pray for my speedy and complete recovery. I think I’m really exhausted as of this writing that’s why my immune system is down.

I hope and pray that I will bounce back to good health soon so I will be able to do the things I need to do (e.g. apply for a Ukrainian residence permit) and do ministry work here soon.


As already mentioned in my previous post, I didn’t get a one-year Ukrainian visa this time. The Ukrainian Embassy in Stockholm has a new policy: non-Sweden residents cannot apply for a one-year Ukrainian visa anymore. So the Ukrainian visa  I have right now is valid only for three months. 

The good news is, I can now apply for a Ukrainian residence permit since I’m already on my fifth year here in Ukraine. The new consul at the embassy in Stockholm told me to just get a residence permit here so that I don’t have to get a visa every year. So I have to attend to this as soon as I get better.


The Filipino group in Emmanuel Church in Stockholm has been a real blessing to me. They accommodated me and blessed me financially. Because of their help, I was able to post two boxes of humanitarian aid (used clothes, books, household items) before I flew back to Ukraine. And there are two more boxes that are also ready for posting. I packed these last two ‘blessings boxes’ the night before I left for Ukraine.

The Filipino group said they will take care of the posting. Praise God for His favor! 

This group also offered to collect more things to support our church in Donetsk. They said  they can post some of the collected items all throughout the year, while I can “pick them up” every time I visit their church. Pastor Dough & Jodi have been very supportive to this group of Pinoy Christians and are encouraging them to make it the group’s outreach program from now on.


God also blessed me to visit some friends (Nila and her husband Dietrich, Joey Carceller and her family) in Germany last February.

They took me to places and events, highlight of which was the carnival in their area.

Nila and Dietrich paid for my ticket so I could visit them. I was with them for 10 days, and we had a great fellowship. I know that there was a purpose in that visit, and I thank God for the rare opportunity to visit them. They also sent me a suit case of stuff for our church in Donetsk. Praise God for all His goodness and blessings!

Thank you again for all the prayer and financial support. I really appreciate it a lot.

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Hi, folks!

I’m still in Sweden as I write this update. I’ll be flying back to Ukraine on Monday. Once there, I’ll start processing my Ukrainian documents. I got the Ukrainian visa, but was not given the usual one-year multiple visa this time around. I was told to apply for a residence permit in Ukraine. So, that’s the main thing in my priority list once I get back to Donetsk next week.

Please keep this matter in your prayers. Thanks.


P.S.  Thanks for those of you who e-mailed me. I don’t have an Internet connection in my host home, so I can’t respond to your messages pronto as I’m accustomed to. I’ll try to get back to you once I’m back home. And yes, I’ll update this site, too.

Have a nice weekend, everyone! May God bless you in full measure.

(Don’t you just like those colorful mailboxes? They really caught my eye so I snapped away.)

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