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September of 2009 I came back to the US, this time not to attend any class or training but to attend our pre-marital counseling in preparation for our BIG day. Pastor Chuck & Sherry Quinley did our counseling. I told Wade that I wanted Pastor Chuck to do our wedding ceremony, and God is good as the Quinley’s were still in the US at the date that we want to have our wedding. God made everything possible. The whole preparation of our wedding is all blessings and favor from God.

All the details was taken care of before I arrived in the US. God is good and faithful, He answered our prayers. He blessed us with people that took care the details of everything about the wedding.

God blessed us with a Ukrainian lady and who is a Christian, she works at David Bridal Store in Pittsburgh. She (Vera), found me a beautiful dress. She worked on it in a week’s time notice. She worked on it beautifully and it fitted me well. Vera did a great job on the wedding dress. She was so happy to meet me and so do I, we talked in Russian every time we come to David Bridal Store. She also found me the shoes that goes with the dress, the veil, etc. She took good care of me like her own daughter that is going to get married, bless her heart!

Thank you also for the labor of love of Tess Straley for the lovely veil that we used for the veil ceremony. Tess did a great job on making our veil beautiful, its a gorgeous veil. Thank you again Tess for all your help and presence in our wedding, we appreciate you!

God blessed us through the women of the Methodist church. They took care of the food preparation. When they found out that Wade is planning for our wedding and looking for someone to cater the food, the Methodist women told him that they will take care of it. And that they did, the Methodist women prepared delicious food!

The reception place is provided by the Eldora Methodist Church. When Wade was looking for a place for our wedding, he was also looking for a place for the reception. When Eldora Methodist Church offered the church for our wedding, they also offered their big dinning place that is inside the church and with a big kitchen. The Methodist women used the kitchen in preparing the food. And we used the church dinning as the reception area. It was very convenient and practical. Thank you again, Eldora Methodist Church for letting us use your Church, the dinning area and the kitchen.

Our thanks to Scott and Linda Patterson for letting their beautiful daughter, Lauryn to be our Flower Girl, she is adorable! Thank you too for taking care of our Wedding Cake, we appreciate you so much, thank you for taking part of our special day, YOU made that day special!

The music was provided by our Pastor, Mike Richards. When Wade talked with Pastor Mike if he can play during our wedding, we didn’t expect him to play through out the wedding ceremony, but he did and we are grateful to him. Pastor Mike Richards played all the music beautifully in our wedding ceremony, bless his heart. Thank you again!

And of course, the wedding without photos is not complete. Wade and I would like to thank Sherry Quinley, Kat Stowe and Cy Bagwell for taking turns in taking photos during the wedding. We will not have those beautiful photos if not for them. Thank you so much, especially to Sherry Quinley for taking lots of photos. We appreciate and thank you all so much!

God used the wedding ceremony to touch the lives of the people that was present, especially the non-Christians that was there. God answered our prayers, as we prayed and want our wedding to be of some form of evangelistic wedding, as we knew that many of the guests are none Christian. God is good and faithful!


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I know that its almost a year since i have last updated this web blog, and I do apologize for the delay. My life was been a whirlwind since late of 2008. I will try to update and blog everything that has happened since I last visited this web blog. So please be patient with me as I try to get everything and everyone updated. Thank you!

As you all know, we had our yearly Summer Kids Camp in Donetsk, Ukraine and I want to update all of you about it.

We had 150 campers last year (2009), and the locals who prepared, organized, and worked in the camp did a great job once again. Kudos to them!

But as much as we were happy that there were lots of children who came (regular campers and new ones), we were also sad that we had to say NO to the other children who came to join the camp. We turned them down because of our tight budget. Our working budget only allowed 150 participants. To allow more than 150 kids to join the camp meant some of them would not have meals and gifts (small gifts), which we give to all the campers at the end of the camp. We didn’t want that to happen. As much as we wanted to accommodate everyone, we had no recourse but to say “No” for this reason.

The kids enjoyed the camp, as always. They enjoyed the games, sports, bible stories, crafts/arts, the gifts and most of all, they enjoyed the time that they had with professional football player Sonny Kingsley, who came and played with them in the camp. It’s always a treat to have Sonny Kingsley with us. And we thank you, Sonny, for giving your time and financial help to these children. They were so happy to play with you! It was fun.

God provided us the funds and people to make the camp a reality. One of the volunteers last year was Lisa Chmelarova. She is from the Czech Republic. She stumbled upon my website (saritaladios.wordpress.com), and through e-mail we get to know each other. She volunteered to help out in the camp of which we were all happy about. Lisa is a graduate student (International Law) who wanted to practice her Russian language. Joining the camp as a volunteer made it possible for her to do so. It worked well both ways: she helped us in the Kids Camp, and we were able to help her practice the Russian language through exposure with Russian-speaking people. Thank you again, Lisa!

God willing, my husband Wade and I will fly to Ukraine this Summer to help out in the camp. We plan to bring some school supplies and other stuff that could be of use.

If you are interested to support the Summer Kids Camp project in Donetsk, please feel free to email at: sladios@gmail.com. Alternatively, you can leave a message in the comments box below.

God bless!

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I believe that what we’ve been doing in the community (Mine 12/18) here in Donetsk is making a positive impact in the young children who live there, which in turn gives them hope for a better future. We just have to continue doing good for their benefit, with God’s help.

Ever since we organized the Summer Kids Camp in Mine 12/18 five years ago, we’ve seen positive changes in the lives of these young children, which I’m sure, affect both their family and peers.

We just had another successful Summer Kids Camp, praise God for that. And once again, the children enjoyed it to the hilt and were truly happy. Even before the last day, the children were already asking about next year’s camp. That only showed how they enjoyed the whole experience so much!

And yet again, the Lord took care of the provisions to make this year’s Summer Kids Camp happen. Prior to the camp, the core leaders and I met and discussed the lack of personnel to help out in the camp due to conflict in schedule (some of our former volunteers could only take a leave from work only before or after the official dates of the camp). Pastor Sergei was actually a bit concerned on how 15 volunteers could handle 100 camp participants for a week.

But God is good.

On the first day of the camp, 20 — not just 15 — volunteers showed up! And later on, four more people came and pledged their manpower support. Everyone knew the drill, so to speak, and the program just ran smoothly. The team work was just great!

What is worth mentioning here is the participation of a compassionate football player, who helped us in this year’s Summer Kids Camp.

Sanji Kingsley, a 26-year-old Nigerian football player of the Mettalurg Donetsk Football team, stumbled upon this blogsite (see his comment on my blog here), sent me an e-mail of encouragement, and expressed his desire to support me in my ministry here in Donetsk. After sending off his e-mail, he then called me on my mobile phone — what a pleassant surprise — and basically said the same thing on the phone.

After our initial talk, I told Sanji that he could help in the Summer Kids Camp. He immediately agreed and we decided to meet up that evening to talk things through. I asked Sergei to join us in the meeting that evening. Sanji contributed financially, and agreed to come and play with the children during the camp. How cool!

The campers were so happy and enjoyed their time playing football with Sanji (football is a big thing here in Ukraine). They also asked for his autograph! Then they requested him to come back for next year’s camp. (Sanji also donated boxes of McDonald’s Happy Meal treats, which the kids loved.)

Sanji has a three-year contract with the Mettalurg Donetsk Football team, which means he will be here in Ukraine for at least the next three years. Prior to his relocation in Ukraine last month, he played football in Cyprus and in other countries, Portugal included.

The multilingual football player (he speaks five languages fluently, and would like to learn Russian soon) hails from a Christian family, and would like to do the kind of work that I do here in Donetsk. But due to the nature of his work, he can’t be active in the church scene as much as he wants to since football games and team practices fall on weekends. However, he has promised to come to our church here in Donetsk whenever he has no football commitments on Sundays. He has also pledged his support to next year’s Summer Kids Camp this early. What great news!

Sanji has a heart to help underprivileged children, and would like to serve as an inspiration to many of them since he used to be like them. But through sheer hard work, he became good in playing football and made a good living out of it. Now, Sanji is more than willing to help in God’s work wherever he is.

Thanks, Sanji, for all your help. May God bless you in full measure. You have such a big heart!

(Note: To view my Flickr photos of this year’s Summer Kids Camp, click here.)

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That’s me in Helsinki, Finland.

I had an opportunity to take a break from work for a month, and I’m thankful to the Lord and to the people He used for making this possible.

Before I embarked on my trip, I was trying to remember the last time I pampered myself on my birthday. It turned out that I hadn’t done so for a really long time. And so, I devised a plan to celebrate my birthday this year (April 12) visiting places I had always wanted to visit. I started saving for it long before my actual birthday, knowing that it would be costly.

But I didn’t get to go until the last week of April because there were some things I needed to attend to. So I said to myself that the implementation of the plan had to wait. I was actually already planning to cancel my trip as I didn’t have my visa at that time — note: it took a while before it got released — and I didn’t have enough funds for international travel. But it seemed that God had other plans for me.

A couple of weeks before the planned departure, I got my visa and my tickets as well! God is truly faithful to His children!

God provided me with everything I needed before and during my break — from visa to plane tickets to funds to travel. I thank the wonderful friends whom God used to make my birthday trip a special one.

I was able to visit Ireland and Finland as a personal birthday treat. Everything went well, and everything was provided for in ways that only God knows how. On top of this, I was able to meet with my friends in the UK. The visit was short yet sweet.

During my break, I also did a bit of work in Stockholm. I was able to collect and pack up several boxes of humanitarian aids for Ukraine, courtesy of the Filipino Christian group in Immanuel Church. The boxes were all ready for posting before I left Stockholm. That was another big blessing during my break.

God truly wants to pamper and reward us in His own way and perfect time. He is indeed a Father who loves and provides for His children!


Check out my travel photo albums (via Flickr), categorized properly by country:


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I always think that things happen for a reason, and that God ordains things to happen for His purpose. I’ve seen many circumstances in my Christian life how God worked and used anything and everything to make His plans come to pass.

Last August, God once again did what He is good in doing — create circumstances (or we may think it’s a coincidence, but we know that with God, there’s no such thing as a coincidence).

Here on my blogsite, I get to connect with like-minded Christians, people I know personally and people I just get to meet online. Receiving comments from them makes my day. I always make it a point to respond right away.

One day, I checked my weblog and saw a message from a US-based Christian organization called MEANS in one of my comments boxes (that was about the time my site just transferred from the free WordPress platform to this hosted one). The commenter asked me to e-mail her as she was interested to know more about my work here in Ukraine. She happened to be surfing the Net that day, and stumbled upon my blogsite.

And so, I e-mailed MEANS and thanked them for reading my blog. I asked them what they wanted to know about my missions work here in Ukraine. We exchanged mails, and at some point, Pastor Chuck Quinley vouched for me and the work being done here.

Now, I’m in partnership with the organization. God is using MEANS to channel His blessings to me and my work here. Through this organization, I’ve “met” prayer partners and financial supporters.

MEANS supports missionaries by mobilizing individuals and groups to act and support its partner missionaries. It publishes and circulates monthly newsletters featuring stories of missionaries; stories that often touch the readers’ heart.

I got featured in their monthly newsletter last January (the MEANS staff based the story on this October 2005 article featured on this blog). As a result, I received a lot of reader feedback, which truly amazed me in more ways than one. Truly, God uses His resources and His people to further the Great Commission in countries like Ukraine. The involvement of these ordinary people blesses my heart no end.

Indeed, God can and will use anything and everything to fulfill His plans to make the Good News known to the lost. We just have to step in faith and go through doors He has opened for us to fulfill our calling. I’m so blessed MEANS has chosen me to partner with them. I know and believe that God puts His people together to be able to do the things that He wants us to do.

God never calls us to do something for Him without giving us what we need. All of us has something that we can use to obey God, and whatever or whenever we need something to continue the works, be assured that God knows that even before we know we would be needing it. He always provides for our needs. We only need to obey.

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Once again God tested and stretched my faith as I was working on my visas to have my Ukrainian visa renewed. First it was the visa for Stockholm then for UK and then for Ukraine.

Every time I need to renew my Ukrainian visa there are things that happens that tested my faith and trust in the mighty hands of God. He always show me how He works above the ways of the human beings. He works the way that He knows best and in His perfect time.

Getting a visa for Sweden this time was a bit hard in a way that the embassy requested more documents than before and this was also the first time that I’ve waited for two weeks for my visa to be realeased. I understand their job, no question about that. They just want to make sure that I am coming back to Ukraine and not staying in Sweden. This time I applied for a longer visa, as the Ukrainian embassy in Stockholm based their issuance of visa to a non-Sweden residence on the visa that I have for Sweden. Since, I’ve known that, I was and my Swedish friend tried to apply for a one year visa for Sweden. The problem was, the EU has a policy that, each person can only get a 6months visa for any country that is EU member. The Sweden was apologetic for the delayed of my visa as they verified everything and making sure that the documents that I’ve submitted to them are valid.

The favor of God was there even if I’ve got my visa later than usual and even if they only gave me a 6months visa for Sweden. The consul was really nice and symphatetic that I can’t get a one year visa for Sweden. The most important thing is, I was able to established a good rapport with the consul and the people working in the Sweden embassy. That is a blessing alone.

Then I also processed the UK visa to visit and meet with friends. This was also handled by God in ways of favours from the people in the embassy. God’s hands just moved as I processed the visa. The impossible became possible and God just gave me favour after favour from the people of the UK embassy. It was an adverture itself and I saw how God made it all happen. Was just amazed how God can change the hearts of the people for His purposes and glory.

First incident, I went to a wrong website to apply for UK visa, instead of UK embassy in Ukraine website, I went into the international website of UK and applied for visa. It doesn’t say about making an appointment to drop the original application that was printed from the UK website. Got to UK embassy in Kiev but was told that I can’t submit my application ‘coz I didn’t make an appointment for that day. But God works in ways that we cannot see. After talking with a couple of people in the UK embassy I was allowed to submit the application and my name was written on the list of applicants.

Second incident, was interviewed and my documents was checked. One document missing, which I didn’t think to bring as it was not asked of me the last time I applied for UK visa. I can’t produce it as I have to get online to get into my bank account (the only way to print out an statement of account since my bank is in Philippines). I was told to get on the nearest internet and they will wait for me and the document. Tried to print the needed document but didn’t work. Went back to the UK embassy and told them that I can’t print it out on the internet cafe. I’ve asked if I can just fax it from Donetsk when I get home. I was told that they don’t accept fax or do that. So, I have a choice to submit my applications without that document (which they told me a vital part for them to make a decision on my application for visa), or come back and make another appointment without submitting my application. I opted to submit my application and told them that I will just trust God to work it out if He wants me to get the visa. Left and went back home to Donetsk that afternoon.

Got back home in Donetsk, was just talking with my friend (Heather) in UK when I’ve got a call from the UK embassy asking me for the statement of account so that they can make a decision on my visa application. I’ve asked them I can print it out now and asked them how can I send it to them since I am in Donetsk already and I can’t just go to Kiev easily. There was a pause on the other end of the phone and the person came back on the phone and told me that since I am far from Kiev, they will accept and let me fax to them the needed document. PTL!!:) Right there and then was God’s hands working, changing the hearts and minds of the people working in the UK embassy. Then I know that God wants me to go to UK and meet my friends. Got my passport with the visa the following week via courier…God is good and faithful!:)

Fly out Ukraine on the 28th of November to Stockholm (Sweden) where I always get my Ukrainian visa. Went to the Ukrainian embassy Friday and asked for a new Ukrainian visa. I was told that, they can only issue a 6 months visa as my visa for Sweden is only 6 months and that I am not a residence of Sweden. A new law that they have since last year I was told. I’ve asked if the new law applies to all Ukrainian embassy in other countries. The guy told me that the laws varies in other countries. Right there and then I told the guy that I will come back Monday after making some inquiries.

I texted my friends in UK and asked them to check for me about the law or policy of the Ukrainian embassy in UK in regards to a non-residence applicants. My friends told me that, there is a possibility that I can get a one year Ukrainian visa in UK. And then my friend in London texted me again and told me that it is easier to get my Ukrainian visa processed in Edinburgh, Scotland. My friend even made a call to Edinburgh to inquire for me about the visa. I was told then that Edinburgh can see no reason why they can’t give me a one year visa and wondering why the Ukraine embassy in Stockholm won’t give me a one year visa. So that settled it, I am going to process my Ukrainian visa in Edinburgh, Scotland.

While visiting and meeting some friends in Scotland I went to the Ukrainian embassy (with my friend Dawn Staff) and showed my application and document to the consul (which I talked with on the phone prior to my coming to Scotland and made an appointment to see him Monday morning). He checked the documents and told me to fill-up an application form and pay the processing fee. After paying and everything, the consul gave me a piece of paper when to come back for my visa…PTL!!:) God was working at that moment in my faith and trust in His power. And He just gave me favour with the consul. I was chatted a bit with the consul as I was waiting for my friend. I’ve witness God’s hands worked that morning in Ukrainian consulate office. I can’t thank God enough for all the favours and guidance that He gave me all these time just to get a one year religious visa for Ukraine.

One thing that I’ve learned every time I go out of Ukraine to get a new visa is, TRUST and have FAITH in the mighty God that make things possible when it seems impossible to the human eyes. It may seems hopeless or the end of it, but for God it is just the beginning of His mighty works if we TRUST and have FAITH in Him!!:)

By the way, I’ve got my one year religious multi visa for Ukraine on Friday of the same week!:)

Indeed God is the God of impossible!!!:)

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Here’s wishing you all a Blessed and Merry Christmas! May you enjoy the Yuletide fellowship with your loved ones.May your Christmas be filled with love, joy, peace and may we all experience the true meaning of Christmas and the reason for the season: Jesus Christ. HE is the greatest gift of all.


God has blessed me with the opportunity to spend the holidays with my friends here in Mainz, Germany! My good friends Dietrich and Nila Prohl invited me to come over and celebrate Christmas with them.

After I got my Ukrainian visa in Edinburgh, I flew back to Stockholm and then took the flight en route to Germany.

I know that my visit to Germany has a divine purpose. God always has a special plan whenever He sends us to places and meet people. And I just pray and hope that I will be sensitive to His voice as I take some time off and have fellowship with my friends here in Mainz.

God is good: He has met all my needs during my vacation. Indeed, He knows how and when to bless us with what all that we need. And He truly knows and wants the best for His people. God never ceases to amaze me on how He works in ways that will bring glory to His name.

I just feel so blessed and in awe in what God is doing in my life right now, in spite of the many other things that are happening with my family back home. He never lets these things hinder me to enjoy His blessings and provisions, and I am just so THANKFUL to Him!

(Note: To view more photos of my trip to Germany, click here.)

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