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 Summer Kids’ Camp 2006 in Donetsk, Ukraine.

Privyet (Hello), everyone! I know that it has been a long time since my blog has been updated. However, for those of you who view my photo gallery over at my Flickr Pro site on a regular basis, you probably know by now that our 2006 summer kids’ camp  was a success! Praise the Lord for this.

This is just an interim post — meaning, I’ll post a story on the kids’ camp, replete with photos, at a later time. My access to technology has been challenged these past weeks, given to the fact that my third-hand laptop has given up on me (I need to raise some funds to have it repaired, if still possible), and I just hie off to the nearest Internet cafe to check my e-mails every now and then. It’s already a blessing that I’ve been able to upload some pics on my Flickr site.

But here are some bullet-style updates from my end so you get to know what I’ve been up to these days:

My Overall Goals for September:

1. To help/assist the young couple we assigned as youth leaders

2. To do a series of preaching about God’s love

The most important things I did last week:

1. Launching the youth ministry last Saturday

2. Starting a fellowship for the youth at my flat every Sunday after the worship service

3. Starting the sermon series on God’s Love

The Most Important Things I Will Do This Week:

1. Work on my series of preaching/teaching for Sundays as I continue to study God’s word about the theme at hand

2. Facilitate leadership training/discipleship sessions this Saturday

3. Assist Andrei with the new youth ministry

My Biggest Challenge This Coming Week:

1. Working with Andrei with the youth ministry. Helping or assisting him on the program every Saturday for the youth ministry.

2. Working on the series about God’s love.

What I am Reading This Week:

1. The Bible

2. The book “I am not but I know I AM” by Louie Giglio

My Sabbath Day:

My Sabbath day is every Monday. It is the day I fast and pray. I usually stay at home and spend time reading my Bible as well as praying and worshipping the Lord. It surely helps me a lot in my Christian walk.

Prayer Requests:

Do help me pray for the following —

1. New vision for 2007 (e.g. the ministry in in Ukraine, the church building)

2. Continuous hunger for “more of God in my life” so that I can effectively minister to people and make an impact in the lives of the people around me as they see Christ in my life

3. Funds to keep me going here in the field (I don’t want to be distracted by “financial woes”). I trust that God Who called me here to do His work in Ukraine will provide for my financial needs

4. A new computer (mine is showing dramatic signs of wear and tear….)

5. My whole family’s salvation. Please pray for my father; he is currently suffering from a heart ailment.

Please continue to pray for me as I fulfill the Great Commission in Ukraine. Thank you for all your prayers and support! And yes, to all my blog readers who were kind enough to leave encouraging comments here, Spaseeba (Thank you)! You don’t know how much it means to get feedback from all of you.

Wherever you are, God bless you!

Sunday morning with Veronica. This picture was taken on a Sunday morning when I usually have kids come around in my flat and sleep over. I have this “Open Home” policy. 🙂


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