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Here’s wishing you all a Blessed and Merry Christmas! May you enjoy the Yuletide fellowship with your loved ones.May your Christmas be filled with love, joy, peace and may we all experience the true meaning of Christmas and the reason for the season: Jesus Christ. HE is the greatest gift of all.


God has blessed me with the opportunity to spend the holidays with my friends here in Mainz, Germany! My good friends Dietrich and Nila Prohl invited me to come over and celebrate Christmas with them.

After I got my Ukrainian visa in Edinburgh, I flew back to Stockholm and then took the flight en route to Germany.

I know that my visit to Germany has a divine purpose. God always has a special plan whenever He sends us to places and meet people. And I just pray and hope that I will be sensitive to His voice as I take some time off and have fellowship with my friends here in Mainz.

God is good: He has met all my needs during my vacation. Indeed, He knows how and when to bless us with what all that we need. And He truly knows and wants the best for His people. God never ceases to amaze me on how He works in ways that will bring glory to His name.

I just feel so blessed and in awe in what God is doing in my life right now, in spite of the many other things that are happening with my family back home. He never lets these things hinder me to enjoy His blessings and provisions, and I am just so THANKFUL to Him!

(Note: To view more photos of my trip to Germany, click here.)


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It was another blessed visit of the Quinleys last November. They stayed in Ukraine for a week.

I’m always encouraged and happy every time Pastor Chuck and Sherry Quinley (my spiritual parents) visit me and the church family in Donetsk (they visited me in November 2005 as well). I know how busy their schedule is and yet they took the time to come and minister to us late last year. That alone was enough encouragement to me and to my churchmates. Thank you, Tatay CQ and Nanay SQ, for your constant love and care. We truly appreciate your flying thousands of miles just to spend time with us!

During their visit, Pastor Chuck and Sherry did a one-on-one visitation with the core leaders of the church. Their schedule was very tight. Because aside from the personal visitations, they also conducted a day-long retreat for the church leaders. There, we discussed the various ways we could reach out to our family and friends. Radical ideas as well as not-so-radical ones were brought up. But most importantly, the leaders were given a chance to speak out their minds regarding the topic at hand.

The retreat helped the core leaders to see the different areas of possibilities on how to do evangelism and spur real spiritual growth in the church (not just about numbers). Pastor Chuck and Sherry are parents to all of us here in Donetsk. They care so much for our welfare that they want to see everyone growing and maturing in our faith.

There’s this plan to have “radical change” in the church this year. Plus, a plan was mapped out to reach out to the people in Mine 12/18. We at God’s Gift Church believe that God will make things happen according to His perfect will.

It was a great thing that Pastor Chuck and Sherry stayed with me in my flat during their entire stay in Donetsk. It gave us some precious time to bond and catch up with very important personal news. As always, it was a moment for me to cherish.

Thank you, Tatay CQ and Nanay SQ, for all your love and care! Your visit to Ukraine, albeit short, made us truly joyful and encouraged. We look forward to your next visit! God bless you.

(Note: To view more photos of the Quinleys’ visit to Donetsk, Ukraine last November, click here.)

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